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There is growing competition in the software industry and an increase in the awareness of software quality and certifications in clients and end users. Consequently organizations strive to maintain the highest standards of product / service quality, adhere to committed schedule and increase their productivity to obtain client satisfaction and operate within budgeted costs. Streamlining the software development process and incorporating quality management systems helps achieve this. This ensures critical aspects like proper traceability to requirements (and more importantly to changes in requirements), early detection of defects and comprehensive testing. This saves time, money and effort on costly rework and ensures timely delivery that is “Fit for Use” by the client.

Raise The Bar helps software companies realize their full potential by studying their current processes, understanding pain areas / gaps and then instituting systematic process improvement initiatives to strengthen the Quality Management System (QMS). We support organizations on Software Quality Assurance activities viz. processes, certifications and training.


  • Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom
  • Toolset -> Mindset
  • Operational process -> Thought process