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Partner with us

Do you have a passion for quality, would like to share your knowledge on quality and processes, have experience that you would like to share,  would like to coach / train people on the principles of quality


Would you like to take on some challenging assignments which push your creative and intellectual capabilities, without an impact on your current job. These will be rewarding in that they give you a sense of achievement.


Quickly fill in your areas of interest, what you would like to do and we’ll soon find something interesting and challenging for you to do. This will be at mutual convenience and something that you’ll enjoy.

Alternatively just call us at 9820475226 or mail us at rupal.fadia@raisethebar.in giving us the above information and we take it forward.


  • Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom
  • Toolset -> Mindset
  • Operational process -> Thought process