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Raise The Bar helps software companies realize their full potential by studying their current processes, understanding pain areas / gaps and then instituting systematic process improvement initiatives to strengthen the Quality Management System (QMS). We support organizations on Software Quality Assurance activities viz. processes, certifications and training.

  • Study current systems, process and work methodologies and understand pain areas / gaps.
  • Update process and quality manuals. Update necessary forms, tools, systems to track projects data and metrics.
  • Subsequently setup and implement the software development and quality processes. Also identify and implement process improvement activities leading to higher process maturity.
  • Conduct training for managers and developers on SQA systems, software metrics and certification models, high maturity best practices, process performance models.
  • Collect data, generate metrics, SPC charts. Monitor projects for compliance to instituted processes.
  • Analyze data and various hypotheses to arrive at Process Performance Model (PPM).
  • Assist in identifying the appropriate certification to go for viz. ISO 9001, CMMI, ISO 20000.
  • Transition from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Transition from CMMI for DEV v1.1 / v1.2 to CMMI for DEV v1.3
  • Conduct pre appraisal for certification compliance. Prepare the organization for final appraisals.


  • Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom
  • Toolset -> Mindset
  • Operational process -> Thought process