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Wealth Of Experience

As we strive to devise and implement the best solutions for our clients, we draw upon the experience and expertise of our mentors. These are people who are deeply experienced in their specific areas of expertise. They are well versed with product and process standards, keep learning and experimenting and above all like to share their knowledge and experience. They guide us on our strategy and approach at overall level and on specific matters if required. Their diverse backgrounds and varied experience gives us a much wider and better perspective on our activities.

Dr N J Rajaram 
is one of the senior practitioners in the field of software quality assurance. Over the last 30+ years he has been providing vision, thought leadership and strategy in deploying processes and attaining high maturity capabilities leading to business excellence. Dr Rajaram has worked in diverse environments across government entities, educational institutions and industry like National Informatics Centre (NIC), NITIE, Aptech, Syntel, Intelligroup and Tanla Solutions. He brings vast knowledge and expertise about SDLC and Project Management bottlenecks and how to overcome them, how to align internal process and adopt relevant process models towards driving the organizational business objectives.

At heart Dr Rajaram still retains his academic and research bent, he is a regular speaker at various national and international seminars and institutions. He also publishes papers on software quality in industry journals. Dr Rajaram holds a Masters in Computer Science from JNTU Hyderabad, Doctorate in Software Quality Assurance from IIT Bombay (1993-98) and a MBA from Anna University (2007-09).